Project in Physics

Undergraduate course

Course description

Objectives and Content


In collaboration with a fellow student, the student shall have conducted a research project and written a report about it in scientific style. The purpose and results of the project shall have been presented orally


The course consists of carrying out a research project in collaboration with a research group, and of the writing of a report about it in scientific style, together with a fellow student.

Learning Outcomes


The student is able to

  • Gain knowledge about a new problem within physics
  • Work with a problem over an extended period of time
  • Acquire added knowledge about the problem through this work.



The student can

  • Collaborate with other students
  • Document findings and results
  • Write a report in scientific style
  • Present a project and results orally


General competence

The student is able to

  • Acquire knowledge about a new field
  • Take necessary steps to ensure advancement of a project
  • Work in collaboration with others
  • Write reports and present results.
Grading Scale
Pass / fail