Norwegian Language and Culture for Foreign Language Students, level 1

Undergraduate course

Course description

Objectives and Content

Students with Norwegian as their first language cannot receive credits for NOR-U1 or any of UiB's Norwegian language courses.

The target audience for NOR-U1 is beginners or those with limited proficiency in Norwegian.

The course is more extensive than NOR-INTRO and suitable for those interested in proceeding to the next level (NOR-U2).

Students will attain good comprehension of spoken Norwegian regarding topics from daily life and will themselves be able to converse in Norwegian about the same topics. Particular emphasis is placed on learning to read simple authentic Norwegian texts and expressing oneself in writing on topics related to daily life, and student life.

UiB's Norwegian language courses can be combined as follows:

  1. NOR-U1 (15 cred.) + NOR-U2 (15 cred.) + NOR-U3 (15 cred.) + NOR-U4 (10 cred.)
  2. NOR-U1/2 (30 cred.) + NOR-U3 (15 cred.) + NOR-U4 (10 cred.)

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course the student should have the following learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills, and general competence:


Students will

  • learn to read, speak, and write about topics that are covered in the course


Students will

  • learn to understand and converse about subjects from daily life with a sufficient level of pronunciation such that communication is not hindered
  • learn to use the grammatical sentences covered in the course
  • learn to produce simple texts and express personal opinions using a simple language

General competence

Students will

  • acquire an active vocabulary of approximately 1000 words and an even greater passive vocabulary
  • be able to recognize words and phrases that they have seen or heard before, and partly understand the meaning of a word from their knowledge of Norwegian morphology

ECTS Credits

15 ECTS credits.

Level of Study

Not applicable.

Semester of Instruction


Place of Instruction

Required Previous Knowledge
Recommended Previous Knowledge
Some English proficiency is necessary as classes are partially taught in English.
Credit Reduction due to Course Overlap

There is an overlap between NOR-U1 and topics covered in NOR-INTRO and NOR-U1/2.

NOR-U1 combined with NOR-INTRO will give a credit reduction of 7.5 ECTS credits.

NOR-U1 combined with NOR-U1/2 will give a credit reduction of 15 ECTS credits.

Access to the Course
Teaching and learning methods

The course has approximately 80 teaching hours.

It is expected that students are prepared and participate actively in lessons.

Compulsory Assignments and Attendance

Attendance is mandatory. Students who are absent more than 25% of the time will not be permitted to take the exam. Students must also submit at least five written assignments during the semester.

The compulsory requirements are valid for three semesters. This includes the semester when the lectures are given and the following two semesters.

Forms of Assessment

The course concludes with an examination that includes an oral and a written part in Norwegian Bokmål.

The oral part of the exam lasts about 15 minutes and consists of a conversation between an examiner and one or two students.

The written part is a three hour, digital, on-campus exam covering listening tests, reading and writing skills.

An overall grade is given.

The written part of the exam counts for approximately 2/3 of the final grade, while the oral part counts for approximately 1/3.

Students may only sit for the exam once per semester and both parts of the exam must be passed in order for the student to pass the course.

As a general rule, students cannot sit for an exam more than three times. The number of examination attempts is regulated by Forskrift om studium ved UiB § 8-1 (UiB's regulations on admissions i.a.).

Grading Scale
Grading scale A-F.
Assessment Semester
Reading List
The reading list is announced at the start of the semester.
Course Evaluation
The course will be evaluated in line with the Department's policies and UiB's quality assurance system. The evaluation may be conducted in writing or as a discussion with the responsible teacher.
Examination Support Material
Support materials are not permitted in any written or oral exam.
Programme Committee
Programme Committee for Norwegian Language and Culture for Foreign Language Students.
Course Coordinator
Programme Committee for Norwegian Language and Culture for Foreign Language Students.
Course Administrator
Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies.