Åshild Sunde Feyling Thorsen


Adviser , Senior curator, PhD candidate in visual anthropology


University Museum of Bergen


Senior curator at Department for Research and Science Communication

  • Team leader Content and Exhibitions
  • Exhibit curator




Early Human Behaviour (2023) Universitetsmuseet, Naturhistorie

Neuro-SysMed (2023) Universitetsmuseet, Naturhistorie

Bare bones (2024) Universitetsmuseet, Naturhistorie



Queer Cultural Years (2022) University Museum, Natural History

Our Porous World (2022) University Museum, Natural History

Belongs in a museum? (2021) University Museum, Natural History

Machine Vision (2021) University Museum, Natural History

Ordet er Fritt? (2020) University Museum, Natural History

Worldviews (2019) University Museum, Natural History




The Singing Bowl: Commodity, Artefact and Healing Instrument (PhD project)

Metal bowls produced in Nepal are used for healing and sound therapy world­wide. By following the sing­ing bowl from production, through sellers and buy­ers and to therapy rooms in Nepal and Norway, this re­search project explores how an artefact is constructed in a globalized field of alterna­tive medicine and religion.

Looking into the different stages in the life of the arte­fact, the project investigates how the singing bowl is be­coming a ritual and healing object. The singing bowl is approached as commodity, tourist souvenir, ritual item, medical and musical instru­ment. Further, the project investigates the relation be­tween human body, sound and artefact in the field of alternative medicine


Thorsen, Åshild Sunde Feyling. The Sound of a Bowl. Presentation of audiovisual research on sound healing. Sjón Anthropological Film Festival; Copenhagen, 2019-03-08 - 2019-03-10

Thorsen, Åshild Sunde Feyling. Visualizing sound healing: representing multisensorial experiences through filmmaking. Art, Materiality and Representation; RAI/BM/SOAS, London 2018-06-01 - 2018-06-03

Thorsen, Åshild Sunde Feyling. A sense of the healing sound. Workshop: Visual Anthropology, Ethnographic Film and Anthropological Knowledge; UiT 2017-05-31 - 2017-06-01  

Thorsen, Åshild Sunde Feyling. Digital storytelling for teaching. Digital storytelling workshop; Fergus Falls, Minnesota. 2017-05-10 

Thorsen, Åshild Sunde Feyling. En spesiell bolle: globale nyreligiøse gjenstander. Årskonferanse i Norsk antropologisk forening, Lillehammer; 2017-05-05 - 2017-05-07 

Thorsen, Åshild Sunde Feyling. Negotiating identity and artefacts in Kathmandu. Himalayan Studies Conference V, The Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies, Boulder, CO; 2017-09-01 - 2017-09-04


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Member of working committee Nordic Anthropological Film Association nafa.uib.no

Editorial assistant for Journal of Anthropological Films jaf.uib.no