Mike Kleinert


Associate Professor, Live Cycle Assessment and Biorefinery Technology



My main research concentrates on the various aspects of the integrated biorefinery concept and the valorisation of different biomass feedstocks towards liquid and solid bioenergy carriers as well as value-added platform chemicals. Hence, woody biomass such as SRF or forestric residues, but also agricultural or industrial residues such as straw or lignin are among the source materials which can lead to value-added products in the scope of liquid transportation fuels, phenolic building blocks or novel solid bio-fuels.

Thermochemical transformation routes such as pyrolysis, solvolysis, liquefaction, torrefaction and hydrothermal carbonisation are the core techniques elucidated to match the different biomass sources and appropriate conversion/pre-treatment strategies to form the required products effectively and efficiently.

In close cooperation with the group of Professor Tanja Barth we conduct research comparing renewable, biomass-based fuels and chemicals with conventional, fossil-based motor fuels and platform chemicals to develop compatible biogenic alternatives. Both chemistry and process development are central research fields.

Another field of interest is directed towards the assessment of sustainability. The method of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and it's applications with respect to chemistry, fuels and also other energy carriers and systems in general are currently part of my teaching.


ENERGI102: Life Cycle Assessment / Livsløpsanalyse

Studentene skal forstå hva livsløpsanalyse er og kunne bruke slik metodikk til aktuelle problemstillinger innen energifeltet. Forelesningene gir oversikt over både produkt-relatert livsløpsanalyse inkludert livsløpskostnader, miljøpåvirkning og ressursbruk, samt livsløpsanalyse som inkluderer indirekte konsekvenser med spesiell relevans for reguleringer og politikkutforming. Øvelsene inkluderer praktisk bruk av tilgjengelige datasett og programvare. Semesteroppgave vil normalt inkludere gjennomføring av livsløpsanalyse med slikt verktøy.


KJBIOREF: Biorefinery Technology and Applications

1. Basics of a biorefinery technology
2. History of biorefinery and comparison with conventional petroleum refinery
3. Classification and definition of biorefineries
4. Industrial aspects
5. Co-production of industrial platform chemicals and innovative energy carriers from biomass
6. Validation criteria of sustainability of a biorefinery
7. Selected examples
8. Consequences for wood industry in Scandinavia
9. Current development on EU-basis, research activities


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