Sidsel Christensen






Research project:


This research project investigates how scientific/mathematical models of physical dimensions and their interrelationships, can be used as a generative tool in contemporary art. The exploration will be situated within a cross disciplinary arena, that incorporates artistic strategies from New Media Art, Interactive installation and Performance Lectures, and merge them into an expanded whole, that I have chosen to call a “performative installation”. Throughout, I will engage with digital, spatial, textual and performative practises, to investigate how interdimensional movement can work as reflective tool within these performative installations.

The narrative and digital installation-based structures in the performative installation constitute the framework, from which one can explore movement between various dimensionalities, from the very concrete two and three dimensional, to the more complex higher dimensionalities of hyperspace.  These geometrical modulations in experiencing and sensing, will point towards possibilities for physical embodiment and movement in the space of the artwork, that is entangled with movements in thinking and imagination. In this way, the artistic methods are developed to explore how interdimensional movement can offer new perspectives, so as to unveil hidden power structures in self and society, and offer new points of understanding and connection between all actors involved in the work.

Historically, I step into an area spanning back to early 20th century modernists and their exploration of a 4th dimensional space. They used this new idea in geometrical physics as a device to free up thinking, and move the viewer around in perspective, then, mainly expressed through formal reworking of the pictorial plane of painting. Now, I want to pick up on contemporary physicists’ ideas of hyperspace, but in a multidisciplinary field, where the unique interworking of media strategies in itself create a multidimensional framework. The textual and oral practices will allow for speculative jumps and folds, and the digital media elements will allow for interactivity, mailability, and the physical / virtual movement across interfaces.

Various constellations of the performative installations, aim to render certain aspects of our contemporary experience. Specifically, putting as prerequisite for the project, that there is a correlation between complex hyperspace geometry and digital experience. As such the project aims to reflect on how an apparently accelerated compression of spatial/temporal reality seems interwoven with the development of digital technology, and use the opportunity to investigate the implications of this, in a way that has only become technically possible today.