Digital student - Online course in digital tools, methods and technology to enhance learning

Undergraduate course

Course description

Objectives and Content

The course facilitates the development of the students' basic digital competence and skills, establishes the basis for a holistic use of UiB's digital services and technology for learning, and facilitates good digital working methods during their studies.

The course functions as an overall entry point and helps by (re)introducing the possibilities in UiB's digital portfolio for learning, and by synthesizing and recommending how the solutions can be used.

The course also points to specific resources on how these services can be set up and used. In other words, the subject itself does not contain specific details about what and how, but highlights the possibilities that are available to the students when the entire portfolio is taken into account.

Learning Outcomes


The digital toolbox

  • Understand that UiB's digital portfolio is made up of several systems with specific purposes, how they are connected, and how to reach them (UiB username and password)
  • Know the core components of the learning systems at UiB: MittUiB, Inspera and Studentweb
  • Know the most important services to study effectively
  • Know where to get software for use in teaching at UiB
  • Know how to connect to UiB's network on your own equipment (PC and mobile)
  • Know what a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is, why you use it, and how to set it up and use it at UiB
  • Understand what is needed to be able to print at UiB
  • Have an overview of the support offers for more specialized IT services at UiB
  • Basic understanding of how to search for literature with a source-critical perspective


  • Have an overview of the principles for general IT security and basic maintenance of your own digital equipment


  • Understand how UiB (primarily) communicates with you and how you can seek help
  • Understand how UiB's technical solutions facilitate interaction
  • Know good practice when registering user support cases in UiB Hjelp


  • Know how to organize joint writing, digital colloquium groups etc.


  • Be able to use the Office suite for own work and co-authoring
  • Be able to use the student-email in an efficient manner
  • Be able to use OneDrive for secure storage
  • Be able to solve simple technical challenges such as unzipping ZIP files and synchronizing OneNote folders
  • Be able to work effectively with digital tools on campus and from home
  • Be able to distinguish between peer-reviewed (scientific) text and "all other text"

General competence

  • Can reflect on what it means to be a UiB student on digital platforms

ECTS Credits


Level of Study

Introductory course

Semester of Instruction

Fall and spring

Place of Instruction

UiB / MittUiB
Required Previous Knowledge
Credit Reduction due to Course Overlap
Access to the Course
Student at UiB
Teaching and learning methods
The teaching in the course is structured as a digital online course where the student goes through the modules at their own pace.
Compulsory Assignments and Attendance
Forms of Assessment

The course uses the following forms of assessment:

  • Participated in online courses and completed a multiple-choice test in Mitt UiB
Grading Scale
Assessment Semester
Fall and spring
Reading List
All the content of the course is in Mitt UiB and the course has no additional literature.
Course Evaluation
The course is evaluated yearly.
Examination Support Material
Programme Committee
UiB Learning Lab in collaboration with the steering group for DIGI is responsible for academic content
Course Coordinator
UiB Learning Lab in collaboration with the Department of Philosophy at the Faculty of Humanities
Course Administrator
UiB Learning Lab in collaboration with the Department of Philosophy at the Faculty of Humanities