Albert Cheng-Syun Tang 湯承勳


Associate Professor



Albert Cheng-Syun Tang(湯承勳) is a designer and specializes within visual communication. He explores design and its possbility to be a practice that emphasises on critical reflexion. Tang is educated at National Yunlin University of Science and Technology in Taiwan where he completed a BD degree in visual communication. He did his Master's at the Department of Design, KMD. He is also a prior Research Fellow at the Department of Design, and defended his thesis as in 2018 with the research project "Reflective Roaming - Design, ubiquitous fantasy, everyday reality".

In my artistic research I try to look into the time in which we are living, where technology in particular has been permeating every aspect of our everyday lives ranging from the connectedness between physical and virtual interactions, to our imaginations of individual identities, economic and social developments.

If design is the power to shape the so-called “future”, then who's future and what kind of future are going to be shaped? By whom and what? How can design raise peoples' awareness of being beyond the roles of “consumers” in the ever-evolving, computerized capitalist mode of living? My work seeks ways of converting design into alternative means to ask critical questions and to reflect upon the complicated yet uncertain relationships between human, technology and everyday life.