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Since autumn 2021, I have been working on various models for liability for damage caused by artificial intelligence. In the European context, the EU is an important provider of premises for the content of future liability models. The research is focused on the EU's new product safety regulation and proposals for a specific regulation on user liability. The research has an international focus and is largely based on a comparison with foreign law.

Selected publications:

Liability for Damage Caused by Artificial Intelligence in Self-Driving Vehicles - A Comparative Overview. I: Fakultetsbyggjar, vestlending og verdsborgar: Festschrift for Ernst Nordtveit 70 år. Cappelen Damm Akademisk 2023 ISBN 9788202762773. p. 567-587.

Liability for users of artificial intelligence. Tidsskrift for erstatningsrett, forsikringsrett og trygderett 2023, volume 20.(1-2) p. 7-62.

In recent years, I have also been working in a multidisciplinary area of law. This concerns discriminatory speech and the content of legal responses to such speech in order to combat the phenomenon as a social problem - particularly in social media.

A recurring theme is how criminal law and tort law responses are formulated and reconciled with each other based on the purposes of punishment and compensation in this area, and the place of these types of responses in the legal system.

Selected publications:

Women's equality in terms of self-determination and protection of integrity - some milestones and examples. I: Gender Equality, Children and Welfare. Developing areas of law. Gyldendal Juridisk 2020 ISBN 9788205538498. pp. 76-92.

Hybrid sanctions for violations of personal integrity - especially in claims for compensation for harassment. I: Integrity and honour: Festschrift til Henry John Mæland. Gyldendal Norsk Forlag A/S 2019 ISBN 9788205509436. pp. 601-626.

Sentencing for discriminatory and hateful speech under Section 185 of the Penal Code. I: Med ære og samvittighet: Festskrift til Magnus Matningsdal 70 år. Gyldendal Akademisk 2021 ISBN 9788205554245. pp. 95-117.



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The functionality of the criminal justice system - Bergens Forskningsstiftelse

International projects:

Personal Injury Claims in 3 European Countries - A socio legal analysis, Institute of European Tort Law, Austrian Academy of Sciences

Digest of European Tort Law - Misconduct, Institute of European Tort Law, Austrian Academy of Sciences and the University of Graz

Accountability of Politicians, European Center of Tort and Insurance Law,

Reasonable Conduct, Common Core of European Private Law,

Resources and the Liability of Hospitals and their Staff: Comparing European Legal Responses, Institute for European Tort Law, Austrian Academy of Sciences and the University of Graz

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Utvalgte verv:

Styremedlem, Board of Directors, European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law, Wien.

Medlem av sakkyndig komité i NOKUT tilsyn med det systematiske kvalitetsarbeidet – høyere utdanning 2017-2024, UiO 2022-2023.

Medlem av Den nasjonale forskningsetiske komité for samfunnsvitenskap og humaniora 1. januar 2022 -

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Medlem av det sentrale forskningsutvalget, UiB 1. august 2017- 1. august 2021.

Medlem av lederforum for innovasjon, UiB, 1. august 2017-1. august 2021.

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Publiseringskomité for ordningen Norske åpne tidsskrift innen humaniora og
samfunnsvitenskap, Forskningsrådet, UHR, 2021-24.

Leder av Forskningsutvalget, Det juridiske fakultet, UiB, 1. august 2017- 1. august. 2021.

Medlem av styret for Bergen Center of Competition Law and Economics 2017-2021.

Medlem evalueringskomité for granskning av juris doktor programmet ved Juridiska institutionen Uppsala Universitet 2018.

Leder av publiseringsutvalget for juridiske fag, UHR, 2018-2022.

Fungerende leder for ph.d. programmet, Det juridiske fakultet, UiB, 1- august 2016-1. august 2017.

Administrativ leder forskningsprosjektet Strafferettsystemets funksjonalitet finansiert av Trond Mohns stiftelse og Norges forskningsråd, Det juridiske fakultet, UiB, 2011-2017.

Medredaktør Tidsskrift for erstatningsrett, forsikringsrett og trygderett, Gyldendal, Universitetsforlaget 2012-

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