Eike Ines Wehling


Associate Professor


Research groups


I am an authorized clinical neuropsychologist and my expertise is in the field of neuropsychology, sensory psychology (olfaction), neuro-rehabilitation (mainly stroke and traumatic brain injury), language and cognitive training/rehabilitation. The research is primarily conducted in the field/clinical settings using quantitative methods and to some extent qualitative methods. My teaching regards for the most part neuropsychology, cognitive functioning and assessment in rehabilitation. At present, I conduct research in the fields of 

  • Cognitive aging and dementia 
  • Language and cognitive function in brain tumor 
  • Aphasia and cognitive functioning 
  • Assessment methods in individuals with severe aphasia 

This combines in the research group “Neuropsychology, neuro-rehabilitation and everyday functioning”. I completed my PhD studies at the University of Bergen and have been guest researcher in Steven Nordins’ lab at the University of Umeå, Sweden. 

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