Julià Tudó Cisquella


PhD Candidate


Department of Comparative Politics


Julià embarked on his PhD journey in January 2024 at the Department of Comparative Politics. Prior to this, he served as a researcher in the Quality of Democracy group at the University of Barcelona and in the Political Actors and Elites group at the Autonomous University of Madrid. Preceding this, Julià earned an MA in Democracy and Government from the Autonomous University of Madrid and a BA in Political Science from Pompeu Fabra University. His academic supervisors for the PhD project are Fay Farstad and Håkon Sælen.

Julià's research is centered on examining party positioning and competition related to climate change in Western countries and in Latin America, with a specific focus on conservative and radical-right parties. Aligned with the PARTYCLIM project, led by Fay Farstad, Julià's project aims to elucidate the disparities in climate change stances among various political actors, highlighting the role of radical-right parties.

The project endeavors to generate novel data on party positions regarding climate change, employing a comparative approach that spans both time and countries. Through a comprehensive analysis, encompassing structural, political, and attitudinal variables as potential explanatory factors, the research aims to unravel the dynamics of party competition on the issue of climate change.