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Linda Gröning is a Professor in Criminal Law at the University of Bergen, Norway.

Gröning is also the Chair of the Norwegian Criminal Law Commission, has a part time position as a senior researcher at the Centre for Research and Education in Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology at Haukeland University Hospital, and is a Honorary Professor at De Montfort University Law School in England.

Scientific autobiography

Gröning completed her Ph.D. thesis at the Faculty of Law in Lund, Sweden in 2008. She was recruited to the University of Bergen as a postdoctoral researcher in 2009, and and was in 2013 appointed professor of criminal law. The main themes of her research are the functionality of the criminal justice system and criminal liability, responsibility and punishment.

Gröning served on the law commission tasked with reforming the Norwegian criminal insanity rules and systems in response to the 22 July 2011 / Anders Breivik case, which resulted in significant law reform. Since 2019 she leads the permanent expert commission on criminal law reforms in Norway.

Gröning is involved in the education for forensic psychiatrists in Norway, and has provided special education for all Norwegian judges in criminal insanity law. She has also been awarded several grants from the Research Council of Norway for large research projects.

She is currently focusing on the legal doctrine of criminal insanity, and how this doctrine is related to mental disorders, with emphasis on comparative research. She is also researching assessments about children's criminal insanity and violence risk.


Linda Gröning is widely used as a speaker at conferences and seminars, and as an expert in the media. Below you will find selected outreach contributions (for a full overview, see Publications).

Invited lectures / key-notes

  • ‘Responsibility and Risk: Mental Disorder in Criminal Law’. Utrecht University, Utrecht/Netherlands, 2023.
  • ‘Criminal insanity in Norway post 22 July: Controversies and legal reforms’. Leicester De Montfort Law School/England, 2019.
  • ‘Research on legal concepts about mental disorders’. Karolinska institutet, Stockholm/Sweden, 2019.
  • ‘Mental disorder and violence: A criminal law perspective. 11th European congress on violence in clinical psychiatry, Lillestrøm/Norway, 2019.
  • ‘Criminal responsibility in a lifetime perspective’, 13th Nordic Symposium on Forensic Psychiatry, Gothenburg/Sweden, 2019.

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Linda Gröning has wide experience with teaching and supervision of graduate students, doctoral students, post doctoral fellows and professional practitioners.


Today she has four PhD- students under supervision and is mentoring two postdoctoral researchers:

  • Martin Minderstrømmen (PhD, UiB): The concept of danger and compulsory psychiatric treatment.
  • Lucie Margot Ducarre (PhD, UiB): The right to education of autistic children.
  • Kari Øverland (Stipendiat, Helse Bergen/UiB): The child premise in experts assessments about children's criminal insanity and violence risk.
  • Natalia Tesli (PhD, UiO): Imaging violence in severe mental discorders; clinical relevance in the interface betweeen law and neuroscience. (Main supervisor: Unn K. Haukvik)
  • Stephen Mathis (Postdoc, UiB): The philosophical dimension of criminal insanity.
  • Daniil Butenko (Postdoc, Helse Bergen): The medical dimension of criminal insanity.


Faculty of Law, University of Bergen:

  • Course leader, PHDJUR903: Empirical perspectives in legal science
  • Teacher, JUS241: Criminal Law. 

Competence Center in Forensic Psychiatry:


Gröning has previously been the course leader of the PhD-course 'Perspectives on Law and Legal Science' together with professor Jørn Jacobsen at the UiB. From 2002 - 2009 Gröning was teaching criminal law, criminal procedure, international and European criminal law and European human rights law at Faculty of Law/University of Lund/Sweden.


Linda Gröning is the author and editor of a number of articles, book sections and books. Here you will find an overview of her publications sorted by category.

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Linda Gröning is an experienced project manager of large research projects, and is also involved as a collaborator in several interdiciplinary research projects.

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