Liv Johanne Syltevik





Family practices and relations, lone motherhood, street level buraucracy, digitalization and the development of the Norwegian welfare state.


Lundberg, K.G og Liv Johanne Syltevik (2024) Welfare stigma in a social democratic welfare regime during a decade of national public debate: Production, contestation and continuities. European Societies.

Lorentzen, Thomas og Syltevik, Liv Johanne (2023) 'If Unpartnered at the Birth of a Child, How Would You Fare? A Life-Course Perspective on Contemporary Single Motherhood' Community, Work & Family. DOI: 10.1080/13668803.2023.2207719

Hansen, Hans-Tore, Lundberg, Kjetil G. og Syltevik, Liv Johanne (2018): Digitalization, Street-Level Bureaucracy and Welfare Users’s Experiences. Social Policy & Administration, early view online publication. DOI: 10.1111/spol.12283.

Syltevik, Liv Johanne (2017): A sociological perspective on changes in family in Norway. I: Tilden, Terje and Wampold, Bruce (red.):  Routine Outcome Monitoring in Couple and Family Theraphy. The Empirically Informed Therapist.  Springer.

Lundberg, Kjetil G. og Syltevik, Liv Johanne (2016): Everyday interaction at the front-line- the case of the Norwegian all-in- one bureaucray, Journal of Organizational Ethnography,  5 (2):152-166.

Syltevik, Liv Johanne (2015): Paid and Unpaid Work in the Norwegian Welfare State – The Case of the Lone mother Allowance. Analele Universitatii Bucuresti, 17 (1): 5-18.

Syltevik, Liv Johanne (2014) Cohabitation from illegal to institutionalized practice: the case of Norway 1972-2010. The History of the Family. Published online 10 october 2014 DOI: 10-1080/1081602X.2014.963639

Syltevik, Liv Johanne (2010) Sense and sensibility. Cohabitation in 'cohabitation-land'. The Sociological Review 58 (3): 444-462.

Syltevik, Liv Johanne (2007) Taking control of one’s own life? Norwegian lone mothers experiencing the new employment strategy. Community, work & Family 9 (1):75-94.

Syltevik, Liv Johanne (2003) "Norway: Creating a work/welfare divide. Lone parents experiencing the new employment strategy", pp 65-86 in Millar, Jane (ed): Lone parents and employment: International comparisons of what works. London: Centre for the Analysis of Social Policy.

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Dr.polit i sosiologi, Universitetet i Bergen, desember 1996.

Forsker ved Senter for samfunnsforskning (SEFOS) 1996-2000.

Førsteamanuensis ved Sosiologisk institutt, Universitetet i Bergen, fra 15. september 2000.

Professor i sosiologi, Universitetet i Bergen fra 15 september 2011- til nå.

Instituttleder sosiologisk institutt, Universitetet i Bergen fra 2017- 2021.