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Magda L. Dumitru has developed the ‘distance index’ as a biomarker of the male and female brain prototype in psychopathology. She investigates the relationship between consciousness and brain structure as well as potential of the index to reveal the (epi)genetic basis of creativity in both health and mental illness.

"Every day, our senses record an impressive amount of information, which generates biases for more effective processing. For example, we decode language better with the right ear. This is known as ‘right ear advantage’ (REA) and our team has found ways to increase REA and improve perception of fast visual stimuli. We’ve also shown that by changing the word ‘AND’ with ‘OR’, people manage to encode several memory episodes instead of one. More frequent chunking and re-combining information is a hallmark of creativity. Our team is exploring brain structure differences in creative individuals. We’ve found that the left and the right hemispheres are more coherent in women than in men, in both health and mental illness. A novel research direction is the emergence of creativity in patients with Parkinson’s, who suddenly get the ‘spark’ to produce fine art."

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IGSIN 913 Integrated Neuroscience, module "The Neuroscience of Memory"

MAPSYK 319B Cognitive Neuroscience, emneansvarlig

MAPSYK 360 Master's Thesis in Psychology, supervisor

MAPSYK 319A/PROPSY 303 Biological Psychology, module "Emotions" I and II

PROPSY 304 Cognitive Neuroscience, modules "Perception", "Memory", "Attention and Cognitive Control"

PSYK 122 Practical Research Methods

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