Marilù Papandreou


Postdoctoral Fellow


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Papandreou, Marilù. 2023. Aristotle's Ontology of Artefacts, Cambridge University Press.

Papandreou, Marilù. 2023. Asclepius of Tralles’ Infinite Regress Argument Against the Generation of Forms in Aristotle’s Met. Z 8 1033a34-1033b5. Philosophie Antique. 63-88.

Papandreou, Marilù. 2023. Review of Johansen, Thomas Kjeller (ed.), Productive Knowledge in Ancient Philosophy: The Concept of Technê. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2021, xiv + 316 pp. Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie, 2023.

Papandreou, Marilù. 2022. A Byzantine Metaphysics of Artefacts? The Case of Michael of Ephesus’ Commentary on Aristotle’s Metaphysics, Philosophies 7, no. 4: 88.

Papandreou, Marilù. 2021. Aristotle's Take on Inadvertently Made Objects, Esercizi Filosofici 16:26-41.

Papandreou, Marilù. 2020. The Shape of the Statue: The Greek Commentators on Aristotle’s Metaphysics on Forms of Artefacts, in P. Sandstad and L. Jansen (eds.), Forms, Kinds, Essences – History of Philosophy & Logical Analysis 23(2), 398-422.

Papandreou, Marilù. 2020. Review of Andrea Falcon’s Aristotelismo. In Aestimatio, Critical Reviews in the History of Science. 

Papandreou, Marilù. 2019. Is the Phronimos Shame-less? Shame, Habituation and the Notion of the Noble in Aristotle, in Bonazzi, Forcignanò, Ulacco (eds.), Thinking, Knowing, Acting. Epistemology and Ethics in Plato and in Ancient Platonism, pp. 207–227. Brill: Plato’s Studies.

Papandreou, Marilù. 2018. Aristotle’s Hylomorphism and the Contemporary Metaphysics of Artefacts, in R. Chiaradonna, F. Forcignanò, F. Trabattoni (eds.), Ancient Ontologies: Contemporary Debates – Discipline Filosofiche XXVIII, 1:113–136.


Aristotle's Ontology of Artefacts, forthcoming with Cambridge University Press.

'Alexander': On Aristotle Metaphysics 7-8, book in preparation.