Sondre Sæther Bolland


PhD Candidate


Research groups


My research interests revolve around enhancing the teaching methods employed in large-scale courses (enrolling more than 300 students). I am particularly interested in exploring strategies to cultivate a strong sense of belonging among students, establishing effective faculty-student connections and engagement through various assessment techniques, and integrating students' prior knowledge seamlessly into the teaching process.

Ongoing projects:

National Prior Knowledge Test in Programming (website)Stage: Test is ready for distribution in august.Collaboration between 11 higher education institutions in Norway, led by Sondre S. Bolland.

Increased Student-Faculty Contact in Large Classes by Monthly Lecturer InteractionStage: Data collected and analysis in progress.Author: Sondre S. Bolland.

Ecological Intervention to Increase STEM-student Sense of BelongingStage: Data collected and analysis in progress.Authors: Sondre S. Bolland, Sehoya Cotner & Mirjam Glessmer.

Identifying STEM-student Challenges and Mitigating their AffectStage: Data collected and analysis in progress.Authors: Sondre S. Bolland, Emili Rønning, Tiril Try, Sehoya Cotner, Kjersti Daae & Mirjam Glessmer.

  • Course instructor for Object-oriented Programming, spring 2023
  • Teaching assistant for Algorithms, Datastructures and Programming, 2021 & 2022
  • Teaching assistant for Object-oriented Programming, spring 2022
  • Group leader in the following subjects:
    • Introduction to Programming, 2017 & 2020
    • Object-oriented Programming, 2019 & 2020
    • Introduction to Machine Learning, 2019
    • Basic Algorithms in Artificial Intelligence, 2018
    • Introduction to the Cognitive Sciences, 2018