Sondre Sæther Bolland






My research interests are centred around improving programming instruction in higher education. Specifically, my projects focus on evaluating student prior knowledge and integrating this knowledge into how introductory programming courses are taught. Additionally, I investigate the importance of the Sense of Belonging within the computer science field. I explore how students' effort, attrition, performance, and engagement are influenced by their sense of belonging to their peers, institution, and faculty.

Ongoing projects:

National Prior Knowledge Test in Programming (website)
Stage: First iteration complete. Ongoing development for distribution 2024.
Collaboration between 11 higher education institutions in Norway, led by Sondre S. Bolland.

Ecological Intervention to Increase STEM-student Sense of Belonging
Stage: Data collected and analysis in progress.
Authors: Sondre S. Bolland, Sehoya Cotner & Mirjam Glessmer.

Identifying STEM-student Challenges and Mitigating their Affect
Stage: Data collected and analysis in progress.
Authors: Sondre S. Bolland, Emili Rønning, Tiril Try, Sehoya Cotner, Kjersti Daae & Mirjam Glessmer.

  • Course instructor for Object-oriented Programming, spring 2023
  • Teaching assistant for Algorithms, Datastructures and Programming, 2021 & 2022
  • Teaching assistant for Object-oriented Programming, spring 2022
  • Group leader in the following subjects:
    • Introduction to Programming, 2017 & 2020
    • Object-oriented Programming, 2019 & 2020
    • Introduction to Machine Learning, 2019
    • Basic Algorithms in Artificial Intelligence, 2018
    • Introduction to the Cognitive Sciences, 2018