Thomas Louis Roger Dominique Theunissen


Researcher , Post-doc


Department of Earth Science

Research groups


I am Postdoc at UiB since 2013 in the Geodynamics and Basin studies group of the Department of Earth Science.

My research investigates links between seismicity and thermo-mechanical evolution of tectonic plate boundaries using geodynamics modelling.​ I specifically study the interactions between tectonic, surface processes (erosion and sedimentation) and mantle processes during rifted passive margin formation from continental rifting to steady-state mid-ocean spreading center and the dynamics of convergent margins. My current research at UiB is based on highly paralell 2-D and 3-D coupled geodynamic-surface processes finite-element numerical modelling at lithospheric scale.

The aim of my current research is to understand long-term geodynamic processes responsible for continental rifted margin formation and their feedbacks with surface processes (erosion, sedimentation).
In the framework of the COLORS project (Funded by TOTAL) I use data and observations from the North, Equatorial and South Atlantic to calibrate thermo-mechanical processes during rifting. I investigate crustal tectonic, sedimentary, heat transfer and upper-mantle processes during rift evolution to understand rheological and thermal controls on extensional rift and passive margin geometry and to understand feedbacks with surface processes.

I also work in seismology (absolute earthquake location, seismic tomography, focal mechanisms) on previous projects to understand the geodynamics of the transition from subduction to collision at the southernmost part of the Ryukyu subduction (PhD work) and the geodynamics of the Pyrenean mountain range SW of France (1st Postdoc).


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