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PRImary health Care leaders Education PRICE 2021-26

The project digested

Strengthening the capacity of the PRImary health Care leaders Education (PRICE) aims to build the primary health care systems in Malawi and Zambia 2021-2026.

A project rewarded with 20 mill NOK, funded by NORAD throug the NORHED II application. NORHED is Norway’s national flagship programme on higher education and research for development.

Project’s particular importance

WHO emphasizes that the best approach for improving the quality and coverage of essential health services and for ensuring the effective use of resources, is to invest in integrated primary health care (PHC) services. This has been even more important during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Although PHC provides the basis for health care systems in these two countries, the bulk of the sub-district health facilities are manned by untrained personnel.

Project goals

The general objective is to increase the quantity and quality of education and research programs within PHC in Malawi and Zambia. We will review or develop curricula and programs at Bachelors, Masters and PhD levels and increase the capacity of the training and education system. In cooperation with the PRIMAFAMED network we will disseminate knowledge throughout the African PHC network.

Relevant SDGs in project

  • The most important SDG is 3; Good Health & Well-Being; 3.8, B, C
  • SDG 4 Quality Education; 4.3-5,A,B
  • SDG 17 Partnerships to Achieve the Goal;3,6,9,16,17

Partner institutions

The project will be implemented by the College of Medicine in Malawi and the School of Public Health University of Zambia together with the University of Bergen and the Primafamed network based in South Africa at Stellenbosch University.

Project leader

Thomas Mildestvedt