Truls Johannessen




Geophysical Institute Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research

Research groups



TJ -worked for WRCP, IGBP, SCOR and IOC: IOC-SCOR-JGOFS CO2-panel, 1995-2001, Active getting the JGOFS office to UiB, 1995-2003, SOLAS SSC, 2000-2009, co-author SOLAS Science Plan, chaired writing group - SOLAS and IMBER Carbon Plan. IOCCP 2001-2009. Involved in initiating and operating BCCR SFF (2002-2012), OTC Director , Memb. ICOS RI, Coordinator of ICOS Norway 2008-2018, Coordinator, SSC member and PI in several EU projects. Past projects: ESOP, ESOP2, IMCORP, CAVASSOO, TRACTOR, CARBOOCEAN, MONARCH, CARBOCHANGE, GREENSEAS, EURO-BASINS, ECO2, FIXO3, ATLANTOS, RINGO, SEACRIFOG, STEMCCS. Ongoing projects: INTAROS.


Climatology, Geology, Oceanography

Skills and expertise

Biogeochemistry, Greenhouse Gases, Climate Change, Carbon, Carbon Cycle, Chemical Oceanography, Carbon Dioxide, Surface Water, Air Climate, Sea Ice, Geology, Environment, OceanEstimation, Ocean Modeling, Ice Cover, Arctic Regions, Standard Error, 13C ATM, Paleoclimatology, Atmosphere, Climate Science, Physical Oceanography, Climate Modeling, Physics of Global Warming, Climate Variability, Climate Dynamics, Regional Climate Modeling, Ocean Currents and Circulation, Data Assimilation, Model Development, Oceanography, Singular Spectrum Analysis, Climatology, Stable Isotopes, Hydrology