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Ulla Kallenbach Associate Professor in Theatre Studies at the Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies, where she is heading the Theatre History and Dramaturgy Research Group.

She is also steering committee member of the Centre for Historical Performance Practice (CHiPP), Aarhus University, Denmark, and President of the Association of Nordic Theatre Scholars.

Kallenbach currently heads the international collective research project Artistic Exchanges - The Royal Danish Theatre and Europe (see more under Current Projects).

Ulla Kallenbach holds a MA in Text and Performance (2005, King’s College London/Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts) and an MA in Theatre Studies for which she received the University of Copenhagen’s Gold Medal for the dissertation ‘Space and Visuality in the Drama Text’ (2007). In 2014, she completed her Ph.D. thesis entitled ‘The Theatre of Imagining: Imagination in the Mind – Imagination on the Stage’, published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2018 as the first comprehensive study of the cultural history of imagination in the context of theatre and drama.

Prior to joining the University of Bergen, Kallenbach was a Carlsberg Foundation research fellow in Comparative Literature at the Department for the Study of Culture, University of Southern Denmark with the project Imagining Imagination in Philosophy and Drama 1960-. 


I teach and supervise students in a broad range of topics, mainly related to dramaturgy, theatre history and historiography.

Taught courses, Fall 2023

  • TEAT113: Dramaturgi i teori og praksis 
  • TEAT303 Teatervitskap: Teoretisk fordjuping i eit systematisk område
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See a complete overview of publications in Cristin.


PI of the international collective research project Artistic Exchanges - The Royal Danish Theatre and Europe. The project explores how the theatre was a “window to the world,” an essential agent for offering the public experiences of foreign cultures and for negotiating cultural identities at a time when international travelling was still rare. Using state of the art digital tools, we are currently developing databases and mappings that will allow us to analyse how artists travelled and how travelling influenced the repertoire and performance practices.

In 2020-21, I have also been participating in the pilot project Danish theater archives in the digital era in research and teaching under DeiC (Danish e-Infrastructure Cooperation) and Royal Danish Library’s Cultural Heritage Cluster exploring Ludvig Holberg’s comedies.