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Department of Government


Zuzana Murdoch is professor in Public Administration and member of the research group "Knowledge, Politics and Organization" at the University of Bergen in Norway. She works, among other things, on the role of organizations' temporal characteristics in complex collaborative networks, the drivers of socialization and adaptation processes in (inter)national bureaucrats, as well as questions related to organizational stigma.

Professor Murdoch has published extensively in journals including Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, Journal of Politics, Organization Studies, Journal of Management Studies, Public Administration Review, Public Administration, Governance, Journal of European Public Policy, European Union Politics, European Journal of Political Research, and European Journal of International Relations. Her ORCID profile can be accessed here.

Main research fields: Temporality, Network Governance, Representative Bureaucracy, Socialization, European Union Politics.

Selected main publications:

Geys, B., P. Lægreid, Z. Murdoch and J. Trondal (2023), Organizational Stability and Resocialization in Public Administration: Theory and Evidence from Norwegian Civil Servants (1986-2016). Public Administration, early view.

Murdoch, Z., M. MacCarthaigh, and B. Geys (2023), It's About Time! Temporal Dynamics and Longitudinal Research Designs in Public Administration. Public Administration Review, early view.

Geys, B., P. Lægreid, Z. Murdoch and J. Trondal (2023), The Impact of Terrorism on Civil Servants: Longitudinal Evidence from the 22 July, 2011 Attack in Norway. Public Administration Review, early view.

Geys, B. Z. Murdoch and R. Sørensen (2023), Public Employees as Elected Politicians: Assessing Direct and Indirect Substantive Effects of Passive Representation. The Journal of Politics, forthcoming.

Geys, B., S. Connolly, H. Kassim and Z. Murdoch (2023), Staff Reallocations and Employee Attitudes Towards Organizational Aims: Evidence Using Longitudinal Data from the European Commission. Public Management Review, early view.

Geys, B., Z. Murdoch and R. J. Sørensen (2022), Political (Over)Representation of Public Sector Employees and the Double-Motive Hypothesis: Evidence from Norwegian Register Data (2007-2019). Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 32 (2), 326-341.

Kvåle, G. and Z. Murdoch (2022). Shame On You! Unpacking the Individual and Organizational Implications of Engaging with a Stigmatized Organization. Journal of Management Studies, 59 (8), 2024-2066.

Kvåle, G. and Z. Murdoch (2022), Making Sense of Stigmatized Organizations: Labelling Contests and Power Dynamics in Social Evaluation Processes. Journal of Business Ethics, 178, 675-693.

Murdoch, Z., S. Connolly, H. Kassim and B. Geys (2022), Legitimacy Crises and the Temporal Dynamics of Bureaucratic Representation. Governance, 35 (1), 65-82.

Murdoch, Z., M. Gravier and S. Gänzle (2022), International public administration on the tip of the tongue: Language as a feature of representative bureaucracy in the Economic Community of West African States. International Review of Administrative Sciences, 88 (4), 1086-1104.

Geys, B., S. Connolly, H., Kassim and Z. Murdoch (2020), Follow the Leader? Leader Succession and Staff Attitudes in Public Sector Organizations. Public Administration Review, 80 (4), 555-564.

Murdoch, Z., Kassim, H., S. Connolly and B. Geys (2019), Socialization and Attitude Change in Intergovernmental Organizations: Evidence from a Two-wave Survey in the European Commission. European Journal of International Relations, 25(3), 852-877.

Murdoch, Z., S. Connolly and H. Kassim (2018), Administrative Legitimacy and the Democratic Deficit of the European Union. Journal of European Public Policy, 25(3), 389-408.

Murdoch, Z. (2015), Organisation Theory and the Study of EU Institutions: Lessons and Opportunities, Organization Studies, 36(12), 1675-1692.


Course development and teaching 

Zuzana Murdoch is responsible for developing and teaching courses at the graduate level in Organization Theory (GOV320), Quantitative and Qualitative Methods (GOV321; GOV323, as well as a state-of-the-art course in Knowledge, Politics and Organization (GOV327). Previously, she also taught courses in EU foreign policy, the European Union Institutions and Politics, as well as Transnational Governance.

PhD Supervision

Professor Murdoch is currently co-supervisor for one PhD student, Vibeke Kroken. Her work studies the role of organizations' temporal characteristics in complex governance networks.

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Zuzana Murdoch is a Work Package leader in the HorizonEurope "DemoTrans" project (ca. 2.7 mill EUR; 2022-2026) and principal investigator of the Norwegian Research Council project: "Longitudinal perspectives on local, central and supranational public bureaucracies" (ADM-IN-TIME; 1,070 mill. NOK; 2021-2023). Her work in the former project concentrates on the temporal characteristics of network governance members, while the latter project takes an explicitly longitudinal approach to the study of public bureaucracies.

She is currently also involved in three other research projects:

  • A first project studies the roles, values, and attitudes of (inter)national civil servants. This is joint work with Hussein Kassim (University of East Anglia), Sara Connolly (Norwich Business School), Benny Geys (BI Norwegian Business School), and Susan Webb Yackee (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  • A second project - joint work with Magali Gravier (Copenhagen Business School) - explores the recruitment and decision-making behaviour of public employees through the theory of Representative Bureaucracy.
  • A third project - joint work with Gro Kvåle (University of Agder) - studies the social negotiation processes underlying the development and re-construction of organizational stigma.