Bjørn Tore Gjertsen


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Bjørn Tore Gjertsen, MD, PhD. is Professor of Hematology from 2007 at Department of Clinical Science at the University of Bergen, working as Research Chief and Consultant Hematologist at Helse Bergen Health Trust, developing early phase clinical trials at Haukeland University Hospital. In 2016 Gjertsen was appointed co-director for Centre for Cancer Biomarkers (CCBIO) Norwegian Centre of Excellence, University of Bergen. His major research interest is development of targeted therapy and accompanying diagnostics in the aggressive blood cancer acute myeloid leukemia. His laboratory is working on intracellular signal transduction and its regulation of the tumor suppressor protein p53. Single cell signaling and immune profiling by multiplexing mass cytometry has been developed for monitoring of immuno- and signaling-directed therapy and is currently used for therapy development of various cancers and myeloid leukemias.


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1. Omsland M, Vibeke Andresen V, Gullaksen SE, Ayuda-Durán P, Popa M, Hovland R, Brendehaug A, Enserink J, McCormack E, Gjertsen BT. Interferon alpha and tyrosine kinase inhibitors increase tunneling nanotubes (TNT) formation and cell adhesion in chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) cell lines. FASEB J. 2020 34(3):3773-3791. Citations: 3. IF 5.191. ••Impact: The first report on upregulation of TNT by kinase inhibitors and indicate that the old anti-leukemic interferon-alpha act share the same mechanism as kinase inhibitors. The effect of kinase inhibitor on TNT is an example of functional regulation by small molecules.


2.  Gullaksen SE, Skavland J, …, Gjertsen BT. Single cell immune profiling by mass cytometry of newly diagnosed chronic phase chronic myeloid leukaemia treated with nilotinib. Haematologica 2017; 102:1361-1367. Citations: 13. IF 5.814. •••Impact: This paper introduces mass cytometry panel as a core technology for single cell monitoring in clinical trials. Prognostication based on single cell analysis at 7 days indicate molecular response (tumour load) at 18 months on targeted therapy that predispose to cardiovascular disease.


3. Engen C, Hellesøy M, Grob T, Löwenberg B, Valk PJM, Gjertsen BT. Sex disparity in acute myeloid leukaemia with FLT3 internal tandem duplication mutations: implications for prognosis. Mol Oncol. 2021 Jun 8. doi: 10.1002/1878-0261.13035. Citations: 0. IF 6.603. ••Impact: Prognostication based on FLT3 genetics seems only to be valid for females. Leukaemia cell samples are distinct in females and males in terms of gene expression and ex vivo drug sensitivity, in addition to the previously known sex depended mutational profile of leukaemia.


4. Engen C, Hellesøy M, Grob T, Hinai AA, Brendehaug A, Wergeland L, Bedringaas SL, Hovland R, Valk PJM, Gjertsen BT. FLT3-ITD mutations in acute myeloid leukaemia - Molecular characteristics, distribution and numerical variation. Mol Oncol. 2021 Apr 5. doi: 10.1002/1878-0261.12961. Citations: 0. IF 6.603. •Impact: This report demonstrates the heterogeneity of FLT3 mutations in AML, and raise a question about more accurate tools for therapy monitoring for varying cell populations in the same patient.


5. Forthun RB, Aasebø E, Rasinger JD, Bedringaas SL, Berven F, Selheim F, Bruserud Ø, Gjertsen BT. Phosphoprotein DIGE profiles reflect blast differentiation, cytogenetic risk stratification, FLT3/NPM1 mutations and therapy response in acute myeloid leukaemia. J Proteomics. 2018 Feb 20;173:32-41. Citations: 7. IF 3.537. ••Impact: Underpinning data on signaling networks affected by the phenotypes and genetics in AML.


6. McCormack E, Mujic M, Osdal T, Bruserud Ø, Gjertsen BT. Multiplexed monoclonal antibodies: A new strategy in preclinical time domain imaging of acute myeloid leukemia. Citations: 15. IF 9.060. Blood. 2013;121:e34-42. Impact: outline in vivo multiplexing imaging in leukemia. •••Impact: Seminal paper that point in the direction of multiplex analysis in medical imaging.


7. Sulen A, Lygre SH, Hjelle SM, Hollund BE, Gjertsen BT. Elevated monocyte phosphorylated p38 in nearby employees after a chemical explosion. Sci Rep. 2016 Jul 6;6:29060. Citations: 1. IF 4.259. ••Impact: Demonstrate that single cell signaling profiling in a cross-sectional healthy survey can be used to examine exposure to smoke and correlate with occupational activity of exposure.


8. McCormack E, Haaland I, …, Gjertsen BT. Synergistic induction of p53 mediated apoptosis by valproic acid and nutlin-3 in acute myeloid leukemia. Leukemia. 2012 May;26(5):910-7. Citations: 63. IF 11.528. •Impact: Developing low toxicity combination and use of protein biomarkers to monitor therapy response.  


9. Andresen V, …, Gjertsen BT. Anti-proliferative activity of the NPM1 interacting natural product avrainvillamide in acute myeloid leukemia. Cell Death Dis. 2016 Dec 1;7(12):e2497. Citations: 8. IF 5.965. •Impact: Targeted therapy concept that point in the direction of functional diagnostics.


10. Ånensen N, ..., Gjertsen BT. Correlation analysis of p53 protein isoforms with NPM1/FLT3 mutations and therapy response in acute myeloid leukemia. Oncogene. 2012;31(12):1533-45. Citations: 44. IF 5.965. •••Impact: First report on protein p53 isoform analysis in prognostication demonstrating consistency between p53 isoform profiles, genomics, therapy response and survival in AML.