Chi-Yen Chang 張綺妍




Griegakademiet – Institutt for musikk



Her research project focuses on fostering self-care cultivation in music therapy education.


MTUP305  Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) in Home-based & Tele-therapy

MTUP306  Culture & Music Therapy: Where are we? Who are we?

MUTP300  Psychodynamic perspectives on working with children in early intervention


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Academic Articles

Chang, C.Y., Lee, L.K., Sakamoto, T., Subiantoro, M., Osawa, Y. (2017) Between East and West: The Journey of UK-trained Music Therapists in Asia. Paper presented at the 15 World Music Therapy. Congress, Japan. Special Issue of Music Therapy Today. p.303-305. 

Chang, C.Y. (2017) The Relationship between Personal Meditation Practice and the Practice of Music Therapy. Paper presented at the 15th World Music Therapy Congress, Japan. Special Issue of Music Therapy Today.

Academic Lecture

Chang, C.Y. (2023). Mindfulness-Based Music Therapy: The power of here and now 
Chang, C.Y. (2023). Change: "Not everything that is faced can be changed, but something can be changed once it is faced."
Chang, C.Y. (2022). Psychodynamic Music Therapy: The Growth from Free Flow.
Chang, C.Y. (2022). Creative Music Therapy: Your Inner Music Child.
Chang, C.Y. (2022). Guided Imagery and Music: Integration and transformation in symbolism.
Chang, C.Y. (2022). Behavioral Music Therapy: Behaviour Change and Measurement.
Chang, C.Y. (2022). Neurological Music Therapy: Medical model and rehabilitation. 
Chang, C.Y. (2022). Community Music Therapy: Breaking down barriers and connecting society
Chang, C.Y. (2021). What are the functions of Music in Music Therapy?
Chang, C.Y. (2021). Therapeutic Relationships: A starting point.


Chang, Chi-Yen (2014). Spirituality and Music Therapy: Beyond Thinking? The Relationship between Personal Meditation Practice and the Practice of Music Therapy. Master's thesis. Anglia Ruskin University. 



Chi-Yen Chang (張綺妍) is a registered music therapist and researcher currently based in Bergen. She has been working as a music therapist and music therapy lecturer in Taiwan, Thailand-Myanmar border and Singapore since 2011.

She has worked with a wide range of client groups of varying ages, including those suffering with developmental, psychosocial, behavioral, physical and cognitive difficulties. Specialized in early intervention, parent-child relationship, visual impairment, and multicultural cases.

She currently works as a PhD research fellow at the University of Bergen, Faculty of Fine Arts, Music and Design, the Grieg Academy.