Elina Troscenko


Rådgiver , Global Research Programme on Inequality


Det samfunnsvitenskapelige fakultet, sekretariatet Institutt for sosialantropologi



My research focuses on post-Soviet space and Soviet legacies in differenet parts of the former Soviet Union.

My PhD project "Living in the Margins of the State" explored material manifestations of the state among the stateless people of Kyrgyzstan living along the Kyrgyz-Uzbek border. By looking at the border regime and state documentation practices, the thesis illustrates how the state has a fluctutaing presence in the lives of people who live on its physical, social and legal margins.


2020 "Kan folkeopprøret lykkes?". Klassekampen, 16.09.2020.

2016 "Regimeskifte i Usbekistan". Bergens Tidende, 05.12.2016.



Teaching Assistant and Seminar Lecturer 2011:

SANT 220 – Anthropology, Intervention and Development

SANT 215 – Comparative Regional Ethnography. Middle East and Oceania

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Elina Troscenko (2020) From mice-eaten passports to fingerprint scanning: fluctuating state presence and ‘entangled documents’ along the Kyrgyz–Uzbek border, Central Asian Survey, 39:2, 236-254, DOI: 10.1080/02634937.2019.1711022

Elina Troscenko (2016). "With a Border Fence in the Backyard: Materialization of the Border in the Landscape and the Social Lives’ of Border People" in Bringa, T. and Toje, H. (eds.) Eurasian Borderlands.Spatializing Borders in the Aftermath of State Collapse. Springer, pp.87-106. 



PhD project (completed 2020):
"Stateless in the Borderlands of Kyrgyzstan" (part of the research project "Eurasian Borderlands").

Mphil project (completed 2011):  "Paradise Lost: Perceptions of Displacement among Internally Displaced Persons in Tbilisi, Georgia".



Regional keywords: Post-Soviet space, Caucasus, Central Asia.

Thematic keywords: identity, ethnic conflicts, nationalism, displacement, marginalized populations, exile, state categorization, post-Soviet societies.

Mphil in Anthropology of Development, University of Bergen 2011.