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I received PhD in molecular biology from University of Bergen in 2001. I have extensive research experience in environmental toxicology, with special competence in applying genomics-based methods. In my first postdoc at NTNU (2001-2004), I gained skills in functional genomics-based research methods such as DNA-microarrays that I further developed as a researcher in genomics and toxicogenomics using the tunicate model organism Oikopleura, at Michael Sars Center for Marine Molecular Biology.

Since my PhD project on environmental toxicology, my main research interests have been to study how environmental chemicals affect animals, using mainly fish as model organisms. For over ten years (since 2009) at Environmental Toxicology group (BIO, University of Bergen), I played major roles as a researcher in developing and using toxicogenomics/omics-based methods (mainly transcriptomics) to study effects of environmental chemicals in Atlantic cod (in projects such as iCod1, iCod2.0 and dCod1.0), as well as other fish and zooplankton Calanus (Nansen Legacy project). These studies include investigating effects and mechanisms as well as biomarker development for environmental pollutants such as endocrine disruptors, methylmercury, persistent organic pollutants, emerging contaminants and crude-oil related compounds.

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