Olin Blaalid Oldeide


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Drug Prevention 2023- ongoing

Drug Prevention is a interdisciplinary research project, where we combine the disciplines of pedagogy, child welfare and health promotion with drug prevention. In the project, researchers from the Department of Education and researchers from the Department of Health Promotion and Development (HEMIL) explore theoretical approaches to drug prevention work and local practices. The work is inspired by the works of Foucault and uses a qualitative approach. In this project, we have examined the drug prevention discourses that characterize the social debate through discourse analysis of news reports. In the project we also have master's students assisting the project by interviewing teachers and social workers in Norwegian secondary schools to understand the practices of different professions in drug prevention work.

Social sustainability and public health in Vestland County 2022- ongoing

The project aims to contribute to understanding how the newer concepts within public health, such as social empowerment, are implemented and understood in municipalities. Part one of the project is a literature review and scope clarification of research literature, emphasizing synergies and overlaps between the scope of public health work, social sustainability, and social inequalities/inequities. Part two of the project is a comprehensive document analysis of central municipal planning documents in all municipalities in Vestland County. We have analyzed how the municipalities have operationalized the concept and given it meaning in the local public health work. The research is financed by Vestland Fylkeskommune. 

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