René Langøen


PhD Candidate , working in mathematical analysis


Department of Mathematics

Research groups


My research interest lies mainly in complex analysis and more specifically mathematical physics. I like to look at integrable systems from a geometric perspective, and try to combine methods and ideas from complex analysis and differential geometry. I am also interested in quadratic differentials and their relations to the Stokes phenomenon.

  • Fall 2018: Teaching assistant in MAT111
  • Spring 2019: Teaching assistant in MAT121
  • Fall 2019: Seminar leader in MAT111
  • Spring 2020: Seminar leader in MAT112
  • Fall 2020: Seminar leader in MAT100
  • Spring 2021: Teaching assistant in MAT112
  • Fall 2021: Seminar leader in MAT211
  • Spring 2022: Seminar leader in MAT213
  • Fall 2022: Seminar leader in MAT111
  • Spring 2023: Lecturer and teaching assistant in MAT213
  • Fall 2024: Lecturer in MAT101
  • Spring 2024: Teaching assistant in MAT121