Rose Trappes


Postdoctoral Fellow



My research explores philosophical issues that arise in relation to contemporary practices in ecology and related fields. Topics I have worked on include individuality, individual differences, individualised research, ecological niches, niche construction, animal tracking, open data, citizen science, behaviour, and biological sex.

My current project focuses on citizen science in ecology. I'm looking at how big citizen science platforms are used around the globe to document and study biodiversity. How does public participation affect ecological research? What is the epistemic value of citizen science? I will be focusing especially on whether and how big citizen science contributes to epistemic diversity in ecology, and what this means for its value for ecological research. 

In my previous postdoc at the University of Exeter in the UK, I was studying how new open science practices are shaping ecology within the project A Philosophy of Open Science for Diverse Research Environments (PHIL_OS). I did my PhD at Bielefeld University in Germany, where my PhD thesis was on individuality in behavioural ecology. Using qualitative, participatory, and conceptual methods I studied how researchers in an interdisciplinary research group understand and study individuality in relation to individual differences.


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